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Dreamlab Technologies is a leading firm in developing and implementing individual solutions for integral security concerning your information, your organizations and your systems. Being a performance oriented and reliable partner, we advise you independently and neutrally, we work objectively verifiable, based on open standards, and we pass on our knowledge in an integral and integrable way.

Integral security stands for security as an overall package. For example, besides IT it also contains processes, ways of communication and structural measures. Integral information security is an important prerequisite in order to responsibly lead an organization.

Make use of our knowledge, our competence and our resource for your security.


January 26, 2015

Mayencourt, Dürrenmatt and Mani Matter in Burgdorf

On January 26th 2015, Nicolas Mayencourt, CEO of Dreamlab Technologies AG held a talk invited by the “Casino Gesellschaft Burgdorf” covering the topic “Spionage als Kulturtechnik”…
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November 21, 2014

Dreamlab Chile at “Peruhack” Conference in Lima

Peruhack conference takes place in Lima, Peru, on the November 21th. Topics cover hacking techniques and computer forensics. Two experts of Dreamlab Chile are present at…
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