Statement concerning “Spy Files”

To: Media covering “spy files”

Even though we would have liked to be able to comment earlier, we would still
like to add some points to the disclosures about Gamma International GmbH.

Thanks to the publication by Wikileaks we are finally able to do so without
violating existing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) which are only applicable
to information that has not become public without our participation.

We confirm that 2010 we entered a contractual relationship with Gamma
International GmbH. Our role was that of a supplier in the area of network
components for IT Security.

The contract was brokered by an employee who was the driving force behind the
partnership with Gamma and was also maintaining it. With regards to the
mentioned Infection Proxy our role was to supply an underlying network
component. This component is general purpose and used by wide variety of
applications. It was originally developed as part the solutions which we
deploy with customers to protect them against espionage in the industrial and
political areas.

As the disclosures of Mr Snowden highlighted this is an area where an arms
race has been going on for years that is questioning the sovereignty of entire
nations. We therefore take pride in supporting customers worldwide, including
Europe, Asia and Latin America in protecting themselves against such
practices by the United States and other countries.

In this particular case however the component was offered to be used as a building
block for the Gamma Infection Proxy. Based on many years of trustworthy relationship,
my employee was at the time capable of convincing me this was not problematic,
much like selling a networking card. Meanwhile I see this differently, regret
my decision and would no longer enter this contract.

The respective employee has left Dreamlab Technologies some time ago and
started his own company. To my knowledge the respective technical and business
relationships have been further developed.

It is important for me to make it absolutely clear that the company Dreamlab
at no point in time has developed technology often also referred to as
“Governmental Trojans”, nor will we ever do so. In my understanding such
technologies have no legitimate use case in a lawful or democratic society.
Information that has been gained through such means can never be part of a due
evidence process because there is no reliable chain of evidence.

In addition these technologies pose an extreme danger to the integrity and
security of IT infrastructures and therefore put property and business
secrets at risk. Due to the ubiquitous usage of information technology these
aggressive technologies might even endanger human lives. There should be a
clear liability attached to such technologies, but no law establishes it.

Therefore these technologies are fundamentally at odds with my understanding
of a just and fair society, my personal ideology, and the goals of our company
to increase the security in information technology for everyone. We see our
role in the protection from such attacks and we have been doing this work with
great success for over 15 years for all our customers.

It would be my pleasure to openly speak about many of these topics with
interested journalists and provide some information about what our actual
competencies and activities are.

With best regards,

Nicolas Mayencourt
Dreamlab Technologies AG, CEO